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By spreading the common format of chemSHERPA®,
JAMP aims to transfer chemical information through companies on supply chain smoothly and effectively.
Please use chemSHERPA according to chemSHERPA usage rules, based on management guidelines.


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What’s chemSHERPA?

  • A scheme that facilitates sharing information on chemical substances in products

    Information handling between supply-chain partners is essential for appropriate management of chemical substances in products (CiP), in order to continuously respond to expanding regulations. The chemSHERPA can be used as a common scheme for information handling across a supply chain.

  • Designed for steady & efficient information handling

    Applicable to various products and industries. Throughout a supply chain, from up- to down-stream, This scheme allows organizations to handle the CiP information under a shared policy.

  • Toward a better information handling and chemical management in a supply chain

    The chemSHERPA ensures "responsible information handling” that transfers composition information based on a common substance list, as well as compliance assessment information for articles, striving for a better CiP management in the future.

* "chemSHERPA" and JAMP are registered trademarks of the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.