System developers’ page

  • The provision of information related to chemSHERPA system development will be provided to non-JAMP members for a fee. JAMP members will be provided free of charge as before.

Classification Annual usage fee
JAMP member
(Requires written consent)
Non-JAMP member
(Requires written consent)
180,000 yen / year(excluding tax)
  • On the developer page, related information is provided to businesses who are planning to develop a system with input / output function of chemSHERPA data.
  • Login requires user ID and password. Because it is registered as one ID / PW for each application company (organization), please share the ID / PW information when multiple people access within company (organization).
  • If you are already registered, please login with user ID and password from the following, left frame.
  • Those who wish to register newly will be asked to register newly from the right frame below.
  • Issuance of user ID and password is free, but we are asking for a signature (seal stamp) to the consent form stating limitations on use etc.

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