System developers’ page

This page provides the related information for businesses considering the development of systems with chemSHERPA data input/output functions.
If you are looking for various business support services/commercial systems, please visit the service provider page (written in Japanese)

Content provideds

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1 chemSHERPA Data Usage Guide For System Developers (Integration)
It describes the requirements for the input and output of chemSHERPA data distributed between each companies in the supply chain.
2 chemSHERPA Data Usage Guide Item Definitions (Article)V2
A definition of the xml format of the data.
3 External List Manual
Description of the external list (a list containing managed substances and various masters handled by the tool) used in the chemSHERPA data entry support tool.


Annual fee for system developers' page

* Information related to the development of the chemSHERPA system will be provided for a fee to non-JAMP members, and will be provided free of charge to JAMP members. When issuing user ID and passwords, we will ask you to sign (or affix your seal) to a consent form that describes restrictions on use.

Classification Annual usage fee
JAMP member Free
Non-JAMP member 180,000 yen / year(excluding tax)
  • Login requires user ID and password. Because it is registered as one ID / PW for each application company (organization), please share the ID / PW information when multiple people access within company (organization).
  • If you are already registered, please login with user ID and password from the following, left frame.
  • Those who wish to register for the first time will be asked to register newly from the right frame below.


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