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JAMP manages information on chemical substances contained in an article appropriately and aims to establish and disseminate the concrete system to disclose and transmit the information through companies on supply chain smoothly.

Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP) stands on this recognition that proper management of information such as chemical substances contained in articles (parts, articles, etc.) and creation and dissemination of specific mechanisms for smooth disclosure and transmission in the supply chain will lead to industrial competition. JAMP was launched in September 2006 as a cross-industry activity promotion body with 17 companies that support this philosophy as founders. Since 2016, JAMP has been in charge of operating the chemSHERPA system, which integrates the conventional JAMP system (MSDSplus and AIS) and the JGPSSI system for compliance assessment information in the electrical and electronics industry.

Accurate and prompt responses to changes in international chemical management requirements are essential to ensure the continuity of business operations. For example, in response to ELV and RoHS directives and SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) in articles in EU’s REACH, the automobile industry and the electrical and electronic industry, which are responsible for compliance with laws and regulations, each procure and investigation mechanisms have been established and are in operation. Responding to investigative requests from industries and companies is a necessary effort to fulfill the company’s legal obligations. In order to respond efficiently and with high accuracy, both the party requesting the survey and the party receiving it must properly manage information such as chemical substances contained in the “thing” called the article, and We believe that it is necessary to disseminate a standard common mechanism for smooth disclosure and communication in each country.

For articles manufactured using chemical substances and mixtures, if a standard system for disclosing and communicating information on chemical substances contained in articles spreads through the supply chain, it will be used for procurement and surveys that are already in operation. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the burden and prevent confusion in compliance with laws and regulations that will be enforced in the future. In addition, we believe that if the chemSHERPA method, which is currently in use, is expanded to more industries, it will spread and expand the mechanism for efficient and accurate information transmission. In response to the circular economy that will be required in the future, the transmission of information on chemical substances contained in products through the supply chain will be an important point.

With the objective of solving the above mentioned issues, JAMP organized four expert committees pursuing the specified missions and promotes activities seeking the achievement of JAMP’s goals. These expert committees comprise: one to provide the guideline to adequately manage chemicals contained in preparations and articles, one to disseminate chemSHERPA scheme domestically and overseas, one to develop chemSHERPA support tool to share and convey article information, one to investigate the trends of regulations and standards and to improve the managed standards and substances list. In addition to the promotion of these committees’ activities, JAMP will promote any activity that contributes to the realization of the aforementioned mission.

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