Chairperson of Joint Article Management consortium
Yasufumi Nakai

As the newly appointed Chairperson of JAMP, I would like to take this opportunity to express a few words of greeting.

To ensure the safety for humans as well as the environment while using chemicals, proper management for chemical information in products has been one of the most essential issues throughout whole supply chain.

Global discussion on standardizing for communicating chemical information in products has been progressing now and establishing management systems is under investigation in a wide range of industries.

Under these circumstances, the significance of JAMP activities become more crucial as it is based on the goal of JAMP which is “To contribute to the securing of international competitiveness for industry by promoting a standardized communicating system on chemical information in products”.

JAMP will continuously consider on proper communication systems for chemical information in products through the supply chain for a wide range of industries. Moreover, JAMP seeks to establish wider and tighter relationships with their counterparts in Southeast Asia region and further progress with the dissemination of chemSHERPA.

We appreciate your further understanding, support, and cooperation to JAMP.

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