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Personal Information Protection Policy

The Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (hereinafter referred to as “The Association”), considering managing personal information appropriately to be its social responsibility, hereby establishes its policy on personal information protection as follows, and will aim to notify executives and employees, etc. (including dispatch staff and part-time workers) thoroughly about the policy and strive for even greater personal information protection to respond to the expectations and trust that everybody places in The Association.

1.Observance of laws and regulations, etc.
The Association shall observe laws, regulations and other norms related to personal information. Furthermore, The Association shall prepare internal regulations on the protection of personal information, establish clear rules with regard to the handling of personal information, and notify executives and employees, etc., thoroughly that The Association shall meet acts in violation of said rules and regulations with strict disciplinary proceedings.

2.Handling, use and provision of personal information
If acquiring personal information, The Association shall clarify the purpose of its acquisition, acquire the information by legal and fair means, and use and provide the information within the scope of the purpose of acquisition for which consent has been obtained in advance. Furthermore, The Association shall not provide information to third parties except when it has the consent of the person concerned or when the requirements established by laws and regulations are met.

3.Implementation of safe management
The Association shall appoint a responsible manager at the department level for the management of personal information, and shall take the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as its leakage, loss and falsification, etc.
The Association shall strengthen education and training for executives and employees, etc., and improve knowledge, skills and awareness continuously.
Furthermore, if consigning the handling of personal information to an external party, The Association shall review the consignee strictly and implement the required and appropriate supervision.

4.Disclosure, correction and cessation of use
If the person concerned has requested the disclosure, correction or discontinuation of use of personal data retained by The Association, The Association shall make efforts towards a prompt response. If it is not possible to respond to a request due to provisions of laws and regulations, etc., The Association shall explain the reason. Further, please be aware in advance that there may be cases where The Association will confirm with the person concerned within the scope required to respond to inquiries.

5.Maintenance of the protection system
The Association will conduct reviews regularly of whether personal information is being handled and protected properly, and will carry out the necessary improvements and maintain appropriate management.

December 1, 2012
Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
Ryuichi Tomizawa, Chairman

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