Announcement for termination of support for V1 format on chemSHERPA data entry support tools for chemicals/articles

Support for V1 format data will be discontinued in chemSHERPA data entry support tool Ver.2.05.00 (scheduled to be released in the winter of FY2021).
The chemSHERPA data entry support tool Ver.2.00.00 was released on 2019-9-05.
This version supports the V2 format for the newly updated IEC62474 schema Ed 2.0 / 2018.
After the release of the V2 format, in order to avoid confusion in the supply chain, the data entry support tool was able to input and output in the V1 format for the time being, but now the use of the V2 format in the supply chain has become widespread. Therefore, V1 format support will end with Ver.2.05.00 (scheduled to be released in the winter of FY2021), two and a half years after its release.
Functions such as SCIP information input and new functions that will be adopted in the future cannot be used in V1 format, and are only supported in V2 format.
If you are still using the V1 format, to support these functions, please switch to the V2 format as soon as possible.

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