Notification: the addition of China RoHS to chemSHERPA relevant standards in the next tool revision Ver.2.06.00

Regarding China RoHS, which was decided to be added to the Relevant standards in chemSHERPA after hearing comments from JAMP members in December 2019,
will be added in the next tool revision Ver2.06.00 (scheduled in summer 2022).


In the supply chain of products widely deployed in China, the scheme that facilitates sharing information on chemical substances in products to comply with China RoHS will become more important and strongly required in the future. Therefore, adding China RoHS as one of the Relevant standards for chemical management of chemSHERPA and making it possible to clearly communicate that information will lead to the spread of the effectiveness of information sharing by chemSHERPA in China as well. We have decided to add “China RoHS” to the Relevant standards for chemical management.


Contents of the addition

  • Relevant standard name : LR09 China RoHS
  • Reference regulations: (Chinese display name) 电器电子产品有害物质限制使用管理办法(The Administrative Measures for the Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products in China)
  • Currently declarable substance in China RoHS: Refer the regulation.
    • Cadmium: 0.01 weight% in homogeneous material
    • Lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE: 0.1weight% in homogeneous material
  • Flag display: “1”


Impact to the data entry support tools chemSHERPA-CI / AI

1. Changes in the Composition screen
New section “LR09 China RoHS” will be added as the relevant standard, and information of its contents is indicated as its flag indication “1”.


2. Changes in the Compliance screen
Since China RoHS has already included as reference target regulations in IEC62474, there is no change in the Compliance information.


3.Exemption selection screen
There is no additional function of exemption linkage for China RoHS and EU RoHS. Selection of exemption for China RoHS is optional in both of Composition screen and Compliance screen.

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