About change to using one-byte alphanumeric characters for product name in chemSHERPA data entry support tool for chemicals(chemSHERPA-CI)

We will promote the conversion of local languages (double-byte characters) to one-byte alphanumeric characters in order to meet the standards with IEC62474 (global support).
As for the chemSHERPA-CI chemical data Entry support tool, in the same way as the chemSHERPA-AI data entry support tool, we have decided on a plan to support one-byte alphanumeric characters, so we would like to inform you as follows.

In principle, product names under product/Component information in the General window must be entered using one-byte alphanumeric characters.
however, the error check will follow a phased implementation as shown below.

In addition, since many chemical products have Japanese names as common names, a cell where you can enter the product name in the local language (Japanese) will be newly added from Ver.2.06.00. Please use this cell if you need to convey information about Japanese names.

Tool version
Product Name
* Including product name of requester
Product Name
(Local language)
Entry CHK Two-bytes character mode Available/ Not available
of input cell
Up to Ver2.05.00 N/A ON Not available
(Summer FY2022)
(Winter FY2022)
OFF locked
(Summer FY2023)
  • Entry CHK: Tool error check
    N/A:No check is performed for other than one-byte alphanumeric characters.
    WARNING:Other than one-byte alphanumeric characters will trigger a warning. (Approved data can be output)
    ERROR:Other than one-byte alphanumeric characters will trigger an error (Approved data cannot be output).
  • Two-bytes character mode: Two-byte character permission mode
    ON:Two-byte characters are allowed by default. one-byte alphanumeric characters may be used by switching the entry mode manually.
    OFF:Only one-byte alphanumeric characters are allowed by default. Two-byte characters may be used by switching the entry mode manually.
    OFF locked:Entry mode fixed to one-byte alphanumeric characters (no two-byte character mode).

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