Released the revised version of JAMP External List and JAMP tools ver.4.1c

The revised version of JAMP External List which complies with the 16th batch of new SVHCs and the packages of tool files of JAMP MSDSplus ver. 4.1c and JAMP AIS ver. 4.1c in the latest English and Chinese version has been released and uploaded on the JAMP website.


List of the tools (file name)
[JAMP MSDSplus ver. 4.1c]

< English version >
MSDSplus_Ver-4_1c-170216-E (ZIP)


< Chinese version >
MSDSplus_Ver-4_1c-170216-C (ZIP)


[JAMP AIS ver. 4.1b]
< English version >
AIS_Ver-4_1c-170216-E_1-2 (ZIP)
AIS_Ver-4_1c-170216-E_2-2 (ZIP)


< Chinese version >
AIS_Ver-4_1c-170216-C_1-2 (ZIP)
AIS_Ver-4_1c-170216-C_2-2 (ZIP)

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