Change in substance handling-Glass, oxide(CAS:65997-17-3)in chemSHERPA

About Glass, oxide, chemicals (CAS:65997-17-3)
In chemSHERPA, this substance was included on the declarable substance search list as one of the lead compounds that are subject to RoHS and other regulations. However, this substance will no longer be listed from Ver. 1.05 for the following reason.
[Reason] Although this substance may potentially contain lead, in many cases it does not.
We ask that the user be aware of the following points.


  • When procuring a product that contains this substance, please first verify whether this substance contains lead.
  • If it does contain lead, please report the name of the lead (CAS:7439-92-1)or lead compound (e.g.: lead oxide (CAS:1317-36-8)) declarable substance, as well as the content rate (or converted lead or lead compound content rate).
  • If it does not contain lead, this substance is exempt from regulation, so does not require reporting.
    When reporting this substance as an optional reporting substance, to avoid this substance from being judged as an RoHS “Lead compound,” for example, in tool Ver. 1.04 or earlier versions, please enter a single-byte hyphen (-) in the CAS No., enter “Glass oxide” in the substance name, and enter “CAS:65997-17-3 (no lead content) in the comment field.
    We recommend entering “Confirmed to not contain lead” in the comment field for tool Ver. 1.05 or higher, as well.
  • When importing data created in Ver. 1.04 or earlier that contain this substance into Ver. 1.05 or later, a regulation flag will not be entered under RoHS, etc. The exemption code will not be entered either. Please take the time to confirm the data in Ver. 1.04 or contact your supplier.


Along with this change, we removed the FAQ regarding this substance
(original FAQ No. Q3-5).

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