Notice: chemSHERPA will be updated

chemSHERPA is compliant with the international standard IEC 62474.
The IEC62474 standard is scheduled to be revised in 2018, so we plan to update the Data Creation Assistance Tool to ver. 2 to maintain compliance with this standard.
There will be no major changes to the screen layout or how the tool is used in ver. 2, and the new version will also be able to handle ver. 1 data. We also plan to expand functionality.


We currently plan to release the revised tool around April 2019. However, this could change depending on when IEC62474 is revised.
We will let you know if there are any changes to the schedule.


* If you are using an IT system other than a tool provided by JAMP to handle chemSHERPA data, please check with the provider of your IT system. JAMP will appropriately provide relevant information to IT system providers.

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