Warning on conversion results of compliance assessment information from component information in chemSHERPA-AI data entry support tool for articles

Please note the following results when compliance assessment information is generated from component information in chemSHERPA-AI data entry support tool for articles Ver.1.03.00a (including Ver.1.03.00).
Please take measures in future. We apologize for the inconvenience.


[Compliance assessment information conversion results]
When the conversion of compliance information was carried out from component information related to the following contained materials in printed circuit boards using chemSHERPA-AI data entry support tool for articles Ver.1.03.00a:
Brominated flame retardant: Report ID00008
Chlorinated flame retardant: Report ID00063
Regarding the reporting levels of the content rate and content amount of relevant ID substances, this tool is set so that “material” is judged to be homogeneous and so “content rate” and “content amount” are automatically entered.
Correctly speaking, that “material” is not homogeneous but a laminated printed circuit board, so the “content rate” and “content amount” for such a laminated body should be reported.
The result of this conversion is that when the given ID “content rate” is calculated, the rate of the proper denominator (the laminated printed circuit board) is calculated from the homogenous material that forms part of it, so a stricter value (a higher content rate) than the legal requirement is automatically entered.


[Requested measures]
When conducting component → compliance assessment conversion, we therefore ask you to review it with the laminated printed circuit board as the denominator and correct the “content rate” and “content amount” of the given ID manually as necessary. If this is not done, the content rate displayed will be higher than the true value.
This issue will be corrected (not within conversion) in the next revision of the integrated version 1.04.00.
(Due to be released in August 2017)

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