Regarding the setting error when selecting SVHC not applicable in chemSHERPA data(AI) entry support tool for articles, Ver.2.09.00

The following setting error found in chemSHERPA data(AI) entry support tool for articles Ver. 2.09.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[Contents of the setting error]
As announced in the release notes, in the tool ver. 2.09, the following two
substances are now subject to SVHC applicability code input on the composition
・CAS-No 12060-00-3 Lead titanium trioxide
・CAS-No 1327-53-3 Diarsenic trioxide; arsenic trioxide
In regards to this, when SVHC non-relevant (“Not-Relevant”) is selected,
it should be excluded from the composition → compliance conversion, but we found
that this setting was not made.
Currently, if these substances are contained at 0.1% or more per article,
regardless of whether SVHC non-relevant (“Not-Relevant”) is selected or not,
the content judgment for the corresponding substance (below) in the compliance
information will be “Entry Y”.
IEC Report ID 00083 Lead titanium trioxide
IEC Report ID 00002 Diarsenic trioxide

If the substance is not SVHC-applicable,
please manually change it to “N”.
We will correct the automatic conversion in the next version.

This content is posted at the following link as “chemSHERPA_Technical_Report_Tool_No.4”.
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