The improved version of the error check time as the data entry support tool [Ver.2.08.00a] has been released.

As announced in the release notice on September 15th, we inform you that we have released the improved version of the data entry support tool Ver. 2.08.00a.

[Improvement details]
– In tool Ver. 2.08.00, when checking errors on the composition screen, it was found that when the size of data to be handled was large, the error checking time increased, so it is Improved to maintain performance equivalent to conventional error checking time.

[Need for tool update]
– If error checking time on the composition screen takes much longer than before,
We recommend replacing tool Ver. 2.08.00 with the improved tool Ver. 2.08.00a.
– If you are not particularly concerned about the error check time, there is no need to replace it with tool Ver.2.08.00a.

[About data compatibility]
– There is no difference in the created data between this improved tool Ver. 2.08.00a and the previous tool Ver. 2.08.00.
– Since the data created with both tools is the same, there is no need to recreate data that has already been created by tool Ver. 2.08.00 with tool Ver. 2.08.00a.

[Tool replacement target]
chemSHERPA data(AI) entry support tool for articles, Ver.2.08.00 → Ver.2.08.00a
chemSHERPA data(CI) entry support tool for chemicals, Ver.2.08.00 → Ver.2.08.00a

*The tools on the download page will be unified to Ver.2.08.00a.
Therefore, only tool Ver2.08.00a is available on the tool download page from now on.
The tool download page is the URL below.

Data entry support tool/数据制作支持(工具等)

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