Advance notice of release of Revised version (improving error checking time for chemSHERPA data entry support tools 2.08.00)

We released the data entry support tool Ver. 2.08.00 on August 29th 2023 , but there were some cases where the error checking time increased when the data size was large, so we notify that the improved version that shortens the error checking time will be released.
*If you are not concerned about the processing time for error checking, there is no need to replace it with the improved version of the tool.

・Target tools
  chemSHERPA data(AI) entry support tool for articles Ver.2.08.00
  chemSHERPA data(CI) entry support tool for chemicals Ver.2.08.00

・Revised Tool version and release date
  The tool version is Ver.2.08.00a.
  The release date is scheduled by the end of September 2023.
  *We will notify you again when the tool is released.

・About data compatibility
  There is no difference in the created data between version 2.08.00a and 2.08.00.

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