Notice of temporary suspension of distribution of “Set of files of chemSHERPA data(CI) entry support tool for chemicals and manuals [Ver.2.06.00]”

It was found that there was a problem with the title tool, so we will stop distributing this tool.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
There is no problem with “chemSHERPA data (AI) entry support tool for articles [Ver.2.06.00]”.

[Description of bug]
On the composition information screen of the title tool,
When the data of a product that does not contain declarable substances is read and confirmed, “-” (hyphen, half-width) is incorrectly automatically entered in the CAS number cell in the blank row.
If you click the “Error check” or “Finalize” buttons for this data as it is, an error will occur.

[Request to users]
If you have already downloaded “chemSHERPA data(CI) entry support tool for chemicals [Ver.2.06.00]”,
If this happens, please delete the “-” in the CAS number column and click “Finalize” buttons.
The revised tool will be released as “chemSHERPA data(CI) entry support tool for chemicals [Ver.2.06.00a]” in about a week.

Best Regards

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