[For system developers] Data Usage Guide Ver2.5 (English version) has been posted on the System developers’ page.

*This content is for system vendors who handle chemSHERPA data.

The following materials have been updated as Data Usage Guide Ver2.5.
④ Instructions_for_external_list_Ver2.4_EN.xlsx
Please check the revision history for the details of the revision. (Addition of items not used in the tool.)

The following 5 files are included.
[Bundled files]
①chemSHERPA_DataUsageGuideForSystemDevelopers_Ver2.3(Correct220606)_EN.pdf (no change from last time) ②chemSHERPA_DataUsageGuideForSystemDevelopers_Ver2.3(Correct220606)_Appendix(Item_definition)_EN.xlsx (no change from last time)

③chemSHERPA_DataUsageGuideForSystemDevelopers_Ver2.2_Appendix (Integration) _EN.pdf (no change from last time) ④Instructions_for_external_list_Ver2.4_EN.xlsx (updated)
⑤chemSHERPA Guideline for SCIP_V1.2_EN.pdf (no change from last time)

Please check the System developers’ page below.
“System developers’ page”
  Date of publication 2022-07-15

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