[Chinese] 物品数据(AI)制作支持工具与操作手册(一套), Ver.2.05.00

Complete set for the data entry support tool contains the following items.

● Data entry support tool / 数据制作支持工具
● Operation manual / 操作说明书
● Data entry manual / 输入说明书
※The Rules on the use of information on CiP under the chemSHERPA can be downloaded from [Documents/文件] page.

Notice for tool use / 注意事项

・We will use the personal information in this case to notify of tool updates, important tool bug reports, JAMP public relations, survey activities, and we will not use it for anything else.
・For use of the data entry support tool, please understand the following conditions in advance.

I understand and accept the following conditions with regard to use for the data entry support tool (“the tool”) under “chemSHERPA,” a new scheme that facilitates data handling of chemical substances in products.
为了使用旨在促进产品化学物质数据信息传递的新框架——“ chemSHERPA”数据制作支持工具(以下简称“工具”),我理解并承诺接受以下条件。

・I agree to use the tools according to the document of the chemSHERPA use rules and manuals, etc.
・I agree not to distribute this tool to any third parties without permission of the provisional chemSHERPA secretariat.
[Note: For use by more than one person, please do not redistribution, but encourage your partner(s) to download the tool from the chemSHERPA website.]
・I agree to be handled Personal Information Protection Policy safely and appropriately, based on the basic official regulations of personal information protection by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.

 I agree all conditions with regard to tool use as stated above. / 同意上述有关使用工具的所有条件。


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