[English] Set of files of chemSHERPA data entry support tool for chemicals and manuals,Ver.1.06.00

Complete set for the data entry support tool contains the following items.

● Data entry support tool
● Operation manual
● Data entry manual
※The Rules on the use of information on CiP under the chemSHERPA can be downloaded from [Documents/文件] page.

Notice for tool use

For use of the data entry support tool, please understand the following conditions in advance.

I understand and accept the following conditions with regard to use for the data entry support tool (“the tool”) under “chemSHERPA,” a new scheme that facilitates data handling of chemical substances in products.

・I agree to use the tools according to the document of the chemSHERPA use rules and manuals, etc.
・ I agree not to distribute this tool to any third parties without permission of the provisional chemSHERPA secretariat.
[Note: For use by more than one person, please do not redistribution, but encourage your partner(s) to download the tool from the chemSHERPA website.]
・ I agree to be handled Personal Information Protection Policy safely and appropriately, based on the basic official regulations of personal information protection by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.

 I agree all conditions with regard to tool use as stated above.


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